• "ConvAI - Context-aware abusive language detection in online conversations". Unrestricted research support project funded by Google (2018-19).
  • "BioQA - Biomedical Question Answering". AUEB Research Support Program (2014-15).
  • BioASQ: "A challenge on large-scale biomedical semantic indexing and question answering". European FP7 ICT project (2012-14).
  • "A linear programming approach to multi-document text summarization and natural language generation from ontologies". AUEB Basic Research Funding Program project (2011-12).
  • "Natural language interaction with Semantic Web ontologies". National Heracleitus-II project (2010-13).
  • INDIGO: "Interaction with personality and dialogue enabled Robots". European FP6 IST project (2007-2010). Watch a video of an INDIGO robot in action.
  • Xenios: Human-robot interaction using speech processing, natural language generation, and computer vision. National "Information Society" project (2006-07). Watch a video showing how the project's natural language generation technology was also demonstrated in a virtual museum.
  • "Combined research in the areas of information retrieval, natural language processing, and user modeling aiming at the development of advanced search engines for document collections". National PENED project (2006-2008).